How Many Employees Do You Have?
Who Is The Your Independent Auditor?
WithumSmith + Brown, PC
Do Warrants Expire? If So, When?
Please refer to the terms of your existing warrant agreement.
Can I Obtain Stock Certificates For My Shares?
New and existing shareholders can obtain stock certificates by contacting the Company at info@aikidopharma.com and/or we will direct you to our transfer agent noted above.
Where Are Your Headquarters?
1 Rockefeller Plaza, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10020
When Does Your Fiscal Year End?
December 31.
Where Can I Receive A Quarterly Report?
Shareholders can obtain quarterly and full-year reports (forms 10-Q and 10-K) at www.sec.gov or under the SEC filings tab on our website.
When Do You Report Earnings?
For full-year results ending December 31, we report earnings with the filing of our 10-K and associated earnings release materials on or soon after March 15 of the subsequent year. We report earnings for each quarter ending March 31, June 30, and September 30 with the filing of our 10-Q and associated earnings release materials on or soon after May 15, August 15, and November 15, respectively.
Has There Ever Been A Stock Split?
Yes, the most recent reverse stock splits occurred in September 2008, November 2008, May 2011 & September 2012.
When Was The Company Founded?
May 1992
Do You Pay A Dividend?
What Is Your Ticker Symbol And What Exchange Are You Traded On?
Our ticker symbol is “AIKI” and we are traded on NASDAQ.
Who Is Your Transfer Agent?
Continental Stock Transfer and Trust Company